Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How I spent my holiday!

Hope that everyone had a great holiday! I know that I did. We decided to spend our Chrismas (after the presents) just relaxing. We watched Pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2. I spent my time making myself a purse with some new yarn that I got. I love the way it came out. The name of the purse is Autumn Cables Carpet Bag and can be found at www.lullabiesandlace.com.


Resident Yarnaholic:Sallenlouise said...

~Beautiful purse! I have made up my mind, I will be heading to Lullabies to buy it! The more you make, the better they look.
~How funny! We watched Pirates 2, lol! I iked it, but the first one is my fav!!! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Barb said...

I LOVE that purse :)


Jodi said...

Great purse! We got the pirates set for Christmas too. As well as Cars and Talledega Nights. Good and funny movies.
You know our Chiefs are playing my son's Colts Saturday. It'll be interesting at my house. Lots of cheering and yelling I'm sure.
Have a great New Year!