Friday, December 15, 2006

Where does the time go?? It seems that this year has flown right by. I am flying through my WIP's almost as quick. I actually started a couple of new ones this week also.My first completed WIP was a table runner that I was testing for Katchkan over at Simply Crochet. I love her patterns because (a) they are very well written and (b) they are simple for those of us whom are thread challenged. I made this particular one for my end table. It's going to look great there (after the holidays and all the Christmas stuff is put up for another year).I have also made a couple of doilies. I have tried 2 Patricia Kristoffersen mini doilies. I stuck with using size 3 thread with these. I haven't gotten brave enough to try using size 10 thread yet. Although I did buy some size 10 thread to make a larger one of her doilies. That one might have to wait until after the first of the year.I received my Holiday gift swap box from my partner over at the 'Ville. My partner for this swap was Nikki (sfgwife). She is amazing and I can't believe her generosity. She made me a pair of socks, slippers, hat and mittens. How cool is that. The amazing this is that I had already made myself a scarf with the exact same yarn. So now I have a matching set.She also sent me some Santa ornaments. I absolutely adore anything Santa. There are now 4 of them (which are Santa thimbles) which will sit on my shelf all year long.She also sent me some Chocolate and Coffee. My two favorite things. Those alone will help me through the freezing temperatures we are having right now.Well~~I really must run. I am still sorting Christmas presents to make sure that no one gets missed. Maybe I will try to wrap them in the near future. LOLEnjoy and have a blessed day!!

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Resident Yarnaholic:Sallenlouise said...

~Hey you! Awesome stuff woman! BUT, post some more....I am actually posting, and you are not. Go figure! Breaking out in song here.....It's been 5 days since you....,OK, OK, you get the idea!

~HELP me on this, please.......
You have made, I'm hoping that you will remember! I'm at a loss...........and hush, I know it's probably something simple, but you know my sleep situation. Which by the way, I am going to try to attempt yet again.....I'll yell at ya later!