Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you!!

To Secrete Paal. I loved my package and want to say thank you. Here is a pic of my package. I have already picked out a couple of patterns to try.

I also took a pic of my progress of my Navajo blanket.

Have to get going on cleaning so that we can start to tear out carpet tomorrow.

Have a safe and great holiday weekend!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I don't have any pictures to share just now but thought I would post an update anyway. My son's Navajo afghan has gotten a few more rows put on it over the last week. I have my 8 pocket tote almost done. I just have to sew on that last pesky strap and weave in the ends. I really must make a point to finish that up tonight.

I started another couple of projects that have to remain a secret until the end of the Autumn secret pals round. That should be around the end of September or beginning of October. I have a few things in mind for my pal and wouldn't want to spoil her surprise.

Speaking of swaps--I've done it again and have a few going right now. None of them are overwhelming especially with the way the deadlines are spaced. Three of them are from Swap bot and they all need to be mailed next week. Not a problem. I have 2 partners for the Coffee and a surprise swap, and 1 partner for a magic yarn ball swap.

I also joined the HSKS3 swap. This one will be fun (especially now that I have at least seen all 5 movies...LOL). I am in the Gryffindor house again. Can't wait to see what house my partner is in so I can start shopping!!

Partners for the 'Ville's Autumn purse swap should also be out this weekend. I have the pattern picked out and waiting for my partner's color preferences.

The last swap will be a bit more labor intensive. I joined a purple square swap. Good news is that the mailing date is after Christmas, bad news is that I could end up making 80 8" squares. That's ok with me because that means I will receive 80 8" squares and will be able to make a good sized afghan for myself.

I think that is all that I have to update for this week.

Take care and have a blessed day!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


I joined another swap. This one is the HSKS 3 sock kit swap. I had so much fun in the HSKS 1. Go check it out at HSKS3

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WIP Wednesday and update

I am crocheting some now. They took my stitches out last week. That helped a bunch.

These first pics are of the items that I won from the Crochetville auction. This first one is the afghan that some of the villagers made and donated.

This next pic is of my tote. I love this tote. TampaDoll did a great job on it.

This next tote was made by KnicKnack. I love the material she used to line it.

Up next is a pic of my 8 pocket tote. I joined the CAL at the 'Ville. All I have left to do on this one is the joining and sewing the handles on.

This next project is a Navajo afghan. Another CAL at the 'Ville that I joined. This will be for Thing 1.

And the final pic is of a couple of face cloths and soap holders that I made for my partners in a Swap Bot swap.

In other news, the kids started school on Monday. Thing 1 is in 5th grade this year and loving it. Thing 2 started kindergarten and so far so good. Hubby and I took them to school Monday morning and then got the dismissal kiss from Thing 2. She was ready for us to leave and to get to learning and playing. It's a new feeling to be home alone during the days I have off.

Enough rambling and I will try to post a bit more often.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nothing new to report

Surgery went well. Healing is happening. No crocheting going on. I did try to pick up a hook last night. It didn't hurt but still can't hold things for very long.

Since I can't crochet I have been reworking my to do list. I have decided on 2 afghans that are in the very near future. One is for Thing 1. HE seems to get discouraged that most patterns are for girls. Well, in one of my pattern books that my secret pal sent me there is a pattern for a crocheted mitred square dishcloth. I worked it up last week into a dishcloth and thought that it would work well for a 'ghan for him. I will *finally* be using all that camo yarn I ordered. Thing 2 has also expressed a desire to have one just like her brother's but of course hers will have to be pink. The second afghan is the Najavo Afghan. They started a CAL at the 'Ville but I didn't join with my hand such as it is. I will be making this ghan with lime green, bright blue, white and banana berry varigated that I already have. I am trying to use up some of the yarn I have without having to buy all new. We will see how long that will last. LOL.

Kathy was such a doll and sent me a get well pattern to do after the bandages come off. That will be a beautiful doily for my living room. I also am about half done with a PK doily that I started before surgery. Hopefully, I will be mended enough by the end of the month to get back to it.

I didn't realize how much I really do crochet. This last week has shown me that I don't care to sit and watch TV, reading is ok but 3 books since Friday is pushing it, and there is really NOTHING on cable TV. Last night Thing 1 wanted to play the Game Cube. I told him that was fine. Well, I give myself points for trying but it didn't last very long with my hand.

Ok--enough with the rambling.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Secret Pal Reveal Package

Here is my Summer Secret Pal Reveal package. My partner was Deborah (Wildthing1058). She sure knows how to spoil her partner. I love everthing that I received. The top pic is my reveal package and the bottom pic is the package that she sent me about half way through the swap.

Thank you again for my packages. I love all the knitting supplies you included. Since I am such a newbie at knitting, I will have fun using my new notions.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gone for a bit.

I just wanted to drop in and post that I am sill alive. My hand surgery is scheduled for this Friday the 3rd of August. I am hoping to only be down for a couple of weeks. I won't be crocheting but will still post occassionally. See you all soon!!