Sunday, October 14, 2007


My poor, neglected blog. I haven't been crocheting much lately, and what I have been has been test projects that I can't show you. Hopefully soon though, I will have new pics.

I start my new job this coming Tuesday. I am hopeful that this will be a wonderful move for me. I am going back to working 40 hours a week, but the hours are much better and the money is a whole lot better. I feel like now is the time to make this move and it all happened within a week. From the time I set up the interview to the time of the job offer and acceptance. Since both of my children are in school now, it's time to start stepping it up.

1. C'ville Secret Pal~~reveal package ready to mail on Wednesday.
2. HSKS 3 ~~I am making the sock bag tomorrow and will mail this on Saturday.
3. C'ville teapot cosy ~~ Mailing deadline of November 5th.
4. Swap #90 ~~ 40 of 64 made. Mailing deadline December 31st.

That's it for the swaps. Taking a break from these as the square swaps are time consuming and I really want to crochet for me for a bit.

Everything else seems to be status quo around here. Once I settle into my new job I should be back to crocheting more.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!


Betty said...

OK Gryffindor, Devin has asked for full participation in the next Quidditch round - please help out all you can. Thanks.

Mary said...

Good Morning Miranda, Today is trivia day. I know we can pull a head. Good luck and dont gorget to post you answers. Have a great day. Mary

wendy said...

Let's go Gryffindor let's try for 100% AND the Snitch! We can do it!

Cheer, cheer for Old Gryffindor
Wake up the House Elves cheering for more,
Catch the Golden Snitch on high,
Cheer down the Bludgers from the sky,
What though the odds be great or small
Gryffindor Lions will win over all,
While our loyal Seeker's flying Onward to Victory

Kati said...

Good luck with your new job!

Don't forget the third quidditch trivia's out for HSKS 3. Go Gryffindor's!!