Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Monet is done!!

I started this afghan back in September before I got sick. Well, it obviously took me a little longer to finish. I had intended this ghan for my daughter but-- after watching her stick her toes through the holes the very first time she used it--I have now reconsidered and am making her a round ripple. So watch for that one to come in the near future.

Well 2007 is upon us. I am obviously not blogging any more than I did last year. LOL. I am feeling better and back into the full swing of testing patterns again. I love to test the patterns for various designers. I also have a few things of my own I want to accomplish. More info to come later on that.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!


Sallenlouise said...

~Just Gorgeous Miranda!!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
~Now, yes, we can all see that you are not blogging as much! How is it possible that I have posted more than you???? I just keep remembering a certain somebody harping on my lack of posting......hmmmm, that wouldn't have been you would it??
~Anyway, I am so glad that you are feeling better! I cant wait to see all of the items you test this year. You do an awesome job on your projects.
~Happy Crocheting!

Miranda said...

My dear--I do believe that the reason that you are blogging more than I, is the fact that I am actually crocheting......LOL!!!

Just kidding ya~~~I think?!?!

Sallenlouise said...

UMMMMMMMM........and the claws come out! LOL!!
I have been crocheting...quite a lot actually.
~Some people are just a bit more challenged than others......yes, I am speaking of me.........I'm slow, faster than I once was, but just not as fast as I wanna be be. YET!
~Give me some time, and the race will begin!
~The ghan really did come out gorgeous!

Miranda said...

Just giving you a hard time!! I know you will get them done and they will be beautiful!!

Sallenlouise said...

Yes, keyword.eventually!
Have a great day!

Jodi said...

Very pretty and my favorite colors too!

Nice work!

Barb said...

beautiful afghan :) i love the purples

Stephanie said...

What a lush afghan! Great job! This pattern looks just as good in solids as it does in variagated! Yes, I understand about sticking toes through. I crocheted afghan booties for my sister to keep her toes from going through the holes (big joke between us).