Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ok--I have a problem

What is my problem you ask?? I have absolutely no self control when I find a good yarn sale. Now most of my friends jokingly say that I have enough stash to start my own yarn store. This isn't a problem except I don't think they are far from wrong. I mailed out over 200 skeins last week and that barely made a small dent in my stash.

Well, I have been trying to be good and only use from my stash since the beginning of the year. I even joined a CAL over at the Ville to help. I was doing well, been to WalMart a few times and petted the yarn but resisted. That was until today. I was reading a post at the Ville that listed some online retailers and that's when it happened. I went to www.Smileysyarns.com and they had some great yarn at even better prices. I bought 10 skeins of RH Heathers in lavender and 10 skeins of RH tweeds in a dark brown and light brown.

So now I have 30 skeins of yarn coming. Now I must find a pattern to use the RH Tweeds with. I am going to make another round ripple with the RH heathers. LOL. I guess I am just addicted to buying yarn.

Enjoy and have a blessed day


Barb said...

LOL I hear ya on the yarn buying, I have NO self control either :)

You mailed out 200 skeins of yarn??? OMG, that's HUGE!!

I remember you telling me about your 'yarn store' tee-hee :)

I'll have pics up tomorrow of the things I finished, my camera still won't work on my computer, i'm at my parents tomorrow to visit, i'll download all them on their computer :)

Jodi said...

I hear ya, Sister!
I'm a yarn-a-holic too. Just ask my family (but please don't).
I have to have more, more, more!

It's really hard to pass up a good buy or the pretty colors!

Sallenlouise said...

You crack me up!
You will definitely find a pattern to use...one way or another!

Tooo funny! I would love to see your families expressions though!

~Barb, I can't wait to see the pics!