Sunday, February 4, 2007


Well sorta~~I tried to post this one all day on Friday and Blogger just wasn't cooperating.

I actually finished these two afghans last week but with the passing of my uncle I really haven't accomplished much but jumping from project to project.

This first round ripple is a baby ghan that I made for a co-workers daughter. I am so proud of myself because I found all the yarn in my stash!!

The second round ripple is for me!! I fell in love with the Choco-cherry varigated and had to find something to make with it. This is only the 4th afghan ever that I have kept over the last 25 years. LOL.

Well--The Colt's won the Superbowl and tomorrow is back to work so I am signing off!!

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!


Jodi said...

These are so pretty! Nice work!
I'm going to have to make up another one of these too. They do work up pretty quick.

Sallenlouise said...

You did a beautiful job! They are beautiful!