Friday, March 9, 2007

WIP for this week

Haven't had much time this week. Basically just had time to put a few rows here and there.

Current CAL's
1. I joined the Lumberjack Flannel CAL at Crochetville. 1 of 6 panels done
2 I joined the PK Doily along at Crochetville. I am done.

Current WIP's
1. An afghan from the Lesuire Arts Rose Cottage Afghan collection--Peaceful Interval. I have about 40 inches of the main ghan done. It calls for 50 inches but I am going to make it a tad longer and then do the 10 rounds of edging. I am using TLC Luster in Claret for this one.
Update~~I am getting close on this one. I am hoping to be able to start the edging in a few days. There is 10 rounds of edging for this one.2. An afghan that I bought on which is named Splendor Afghan and it is made with the Bernat Satin Yarn. The color on this one is Borddeauz. This one is to match the one above with just subtle differences.
Update~~found the time to put a few rows on this one
3. Testing a doily for Katchkan from Simply Crochet Forum.
Finished. Just need to block
4. I have voluteered to make some preemie items for a lady at Crochetville.
Update~~I have made 5 hats so far.
5. I am starting a Patricia Kristoffersen doily
6. I started a Sampler Stitch afghan from Leisure Arts.
Update~~I am about 1/4 of the way done with this.
7. I am testing a baby afghan and a 12" square for Lullabies and Lace.

I wish I could find a way to only work on one thing at a time but I know that won't happen.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!

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